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"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “Sandy knows how to plan a great trip! She planned a trip to Costa Rica for my brother and I, and it was one of our best trips ever! She everything lined up, and everything was..."
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Sandy's Travel Tips for Honeymoon Bliss

1.       Plan well in advance which can save you money and ensure you get the best possible accommodations.

2.       The Bride must book her honeymoon flights under her maiden name.  Remember that you have to show government-issued identification to fly.  That identification MUST match your ticket.  It’s likely that you won’t have your new passport nor driver’s license prior to the honeymoon.  So, keep that in mind when you plan (…with Darley Travel, of course!).

3.       Both the Bride and the Groom should be involved in the Honeymoon planning.  Do not let one person take over these duties entirely.  That way, you are assured that you both get to have your dream Honeymoon.

4.       Keep checking prices, even after you are confirmed.  Travel prices constantly change.  A good travel agent (see Darley Travel) can harvest savings for you should prices decrease.

5.       Purchase TRAVEL INSURANCE, but do NOT buy the insurance from the tour company.  Have your travel agent (Sandy at Darley Travel) find you insurance which will offer you better coverage for less money.  With the dynamic economy these days, many airlines, tour companies, and even car companies are going out of business.  Good travel insurance can protect your Honeymoon investment, and offer you peace of mind.

6.       Book the room category you TRULY want from the beginning.  Many resorts and tour companies say they will upgrade you if it’s your Honeymoon, but that upgrade is usually based on availability when you check in!  It may seem alluring to get a ‘free upgrade’ but be cautious.  If that special suite with the jacuzzi tub-for-two is your dream, book that category NOW.

7.       STOP listening to what your friends, family and neighbors tell you about where THEY think you should go or stay on your Honeymoon.  There is a strange psychology involved with people who have just returned from a trip.  They want YOU to do what THEY just did.  Granted, they may have had a grand time, but their view is limited to what brought THEM pleasure and not what YOU WANT.  Politely thank them for their input, but RUN TO YOUR TRAVEL AGENT (see…me….Sandy Darley).  We will guide you to YOUR DREAM trip, and not your Uncle Wilbur’s favorite trout-fishing hole in Butte Montana.  (Although, if you LIKE trout fishing, we may re-think that one.)

8.       Give yourself a day or two after the wedding before you head out on your honeymoon.  Think of all the people who have come to see you and celebrate with you during this special time.  Do you really want to bail out on them and miss the fun?  Maybe you do.  But please evaluate this special time, and assess your wish to see your friends and family versus taking the next flight out of town following the ceremony.  (A good way to avoid that distress is to book a Destination Wedding.  That way, your friends and family are right there for ALL the fun!...Have I mentioned Darley Travel?)

9.     Tell everyone on the plane, at the resort, during the tours, that you are on your Honeymoon.  You never know when they may buy you a drink, offer you an upgrade, or send a surprise to your room.

10.    Most important of all….be kind to yourselves.  You have just crossed through a monumental event in your lives, and you may be packing more than vacation clothes in your suitcases…such as stress!  Your Honeymoon should be the threshold of your new lives together.  Do you really want to start your earliest marital moments sniping and snarling over who brought the sunscreen, or who forgot the passports?  Just remember, the most amazing travel experience is about to begin for you.  Relax.  Breathe.  Love.  And let a professional help you overcome the stress of travel.  Call Darley Travel, and let us create the stress-free dream-trip you deserve!
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