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""Oh my gosh, we had such a great time. The resort was simply awesome. We loved the daily spa treatments, enjoyed the restaurants, and did a bunch of reading by the beach. It was the perfect place to spend a honeymoon...."
Troy and Kelsey - Caribbean

Barbados Hotels & Resorts

Treasure Beach Barbados
Sandy Lane Hotel
The Sandpiper
Almond Beach Club
Almond Beach Family Village
Cobbler's Cove Hotel
Coral Reef Club
Mango Bay
Hilton Barbados
Casuarina Beach Club
Almond Beach Village
Fairmont Royal Pavilion
The Crane
Colony Club
The House
Mango Bay Hotel & Beach Club
Barbados Beach Club
Divi Southwinds Beach Resort
Crystal Cove
Tamarind Cove Hotel
Bougainvillea Beach Resort
Amaryllis Beach Resort
Little Good Harbour
Mango Bay Barbados
The Savannah Hotel
Turtle Beach Resort
Almond Beach Club & Spa
Silver Point Hotel
Southern Palms Beach Club
Little Arches
Almond Casaurina Beach Resort
Treasure Beach Hotel
Silver Rock Hotel
Time Out At The Gap Hotel
Allamanda Beach Hotel
Coconut Court Beach Hotel
Rainbow Reef Beach Hotel
Blue Horizon
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Things to Do in Barbados

The climate in Barbados tends to be nice year-round: in January, the average daily high temperature is 83°F (28°C), while the average low is 70°F (21°C). Temperatures come down to average highs of 86°F (30°C), and lows of 74°F (23°C) in July. February to May are the driest months (April averages only seven days of rain), while July is the wettest month with some 18 days of rain. June through October is the hurricane season: September and October are the most humid months and have the highest hurricane risk.

Barbados is both a solace for relaxation and a virtual mecca for active lifestyles and cultural pursuits. Far beyond stretches of sublime beach, our warm hospitality extends to splendid cultural events, sporting activities and historic attractions. Whether you’re planning a family holiday or sportsman’s escape, romantic getaway or business trip, Barbados offers a diverse cross-section of things to do and wonders to enjoy.

This 166-square mile island—21 miles long and 14 miles wide—is divided into 11 parishes and is quite flat, the highest point being Mount Hillaby at 1,116 ft above sea level.

Our tranquil west coast on the Caribbean Sea is home to a colorful harbor, state-of-the-art cruise ship terminal and celebrated beach resorts, luxury hotels and villas nestled amidst secluded coves and lush rolling gardens. Our east coast on the Atlantic is a wind-swept wonder, sporting rugged formations awash with waves of champions, casual beach houses and few hotels, while our south soast offers a vibrant center for dining and entertainment, along with a broad selection of inns and hotels. Or if you choose to spend your afternoons hanging ten, the southeast coast is home to many surfing events and practice sessions.


Just some 40 years after gaining independence from Britain, Barbados has already proven its capacity to excel as a nation. Over the course of its rich history, Barbados has been renowned for political and social stability, successful economy, financial independence and the resourcefulness of its people. It enjoys the integrity of a well-established and diligently managed legal and regulatory system and a solid national foundation built upon sound moral fibre and the high value placed upon the benefits of a well-educated population. As reported by the United Nations Development Programme, Barbados has one of the highest standards of living and literacy rates in the developing world.

With a local population of approximately 260,000 natives, Bajan culture is one of mixed influences. The Spanish, English and Amerindians have all left their indelible footprint here and their customs have been integrated into Caribbean language, crafts and religion. However, there are also an extraordinary number of things unique to this 166 square mile island, including chattel houses, black belly sheep, road tennis, mauby, salt breads, flying fish and cou-cou, zouaves and tuk bands. It is said the people are relaxed, not easily offended and practical, confident and disciplined.

In recent years, the island has also seen more and more exponents of the cultural arts coming to the fore, with Bajan artists, designers, writers, musicians, singers, dancers and chefs all shining brighter than ever. The size of a small town in most countries, it has supplied the world with a phenomenal array of lawyers, doctors, scientists, economists, civic leaders, artists, musicians, sportsmen, entrepreneurs and professionals in every walk of life. With a definite sense of identity and purpose, many visitors have admired the cohesive social fabric of this land. 


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